Returns and Refunds: Refund within five (5) business days or Merchant Account suspended. If AfroGanix, LLC has to reimburse Buyer, seller account suspended indefinitely. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of AfroGanix, LLC’s service, you can request a refund up to 10 days after your initial purchase for a partial refund (50%).

Refunds will be processed within five (5) business days and your Merchant Account will be suspended. 

Delivery: We're dedicated to delivering your purchase as quickly and affordably as possible. We offer a range of delivery and pickup options, so you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.

Payment Methods: Every shopper has their prefered method to pay online. Offering you safe and convenient payment choices can help your experience go smoothly, earn AfroGanx, LLC positive Feedback, and build your business.